IMG_1352Welcome to the Meek Lab at Michigan State University! We conduct cutting-edge genomic studies to address pressing problems in the conservation and management of the world’s biodiversity. Work in our lab primarily focuses on studying the ecological and evolutionary processes that generate and maintain diversity within and among populations, as well as identifying the molecular basis for life history trait diversity. We do this by combining field and lab work and studying both wild and captive populations, with an emphasis on aquatic systems. We are housed in the Department of Integrative Biology and are affiliated with MSU AgBio Research and the Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program.

The Meek Lab is currently recruiting a post-doctoral scholar and a bioinformatician. Please email me (mhmeek@msu.edu) if you’re interested in joining the lab in any of these roles. See the join the lab page for details on the positions. The Meek lab strives to be a safe space for diversity in STEM.